So What!

You can go ahead and start singing the song by Pink!. You know you want to. I'll wait........

Ok, now that you got that out of you system I have some things I want to talk about today.

The Super Bowl got me thinking. Sometimes that can be a bad thing but stick with me. Before the game, like weeks and months before the game when it was announced Maroon 5 would be doing the halftime show, people were outraged. When Gladys Knight was announced as singing the national anthem, people were outraged. Let me list other things in the past years people were outraged about, and then I will tell you SO WHAT!

Stand by....

Colin Kaepernick didn't stand for the National Anthem, outrage.

Donald Trump being elected President, outrage.

Women"s March, outrage.

Nike's Colin Kaepernick ad, outrage.

Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad, outrage.

Not getting your coffee at Starbucks, outrage.

Congress, outrage.

Storms, outrage.

Cardi B turning down Superbowl, outrage.

Black Friday, outrage.

Kardashians in the news, outrage.

Who wore what, outrage.

This list could go on and on. Do you see a trend? No?? Ok, I'll tell you, theses things don't really matter. And before you go off and start the outrage, in the words of Kevin Hart, let me explain.

Colin Kaepernick didn't stand for the national anthem and people were pissed, even me, but when you think about it, did it affect you in the sense that you had to stay home from work? Probably not. I went to war for him to express his thoughts. We all have that right. But it didn't affect your actual world. We were looking for something to talk about, and it got everyone talking.

Donald Trump's election, did his swearing into office affect you in any way? You let it. Those who didn't win, you let it affect you. It angered you. But did it really keep you from going to work or school? Answer: it shouldn't have. Again, something to talk about and still are.

I will say that the shutdown did affect a lot of people. But his actual election did not.

Womens march, left people out and people were pissed. I mean, come on, you're marching for equality and you won't let certain women groups join. But did it actually affect you in someway?

Kendall Jenner's Pepsi ad. Jesus, people, she was showing how a protest could be peaceful. And this sent all of you into a tissy. Get over it. It didn't affect you and it showed human kindness. I'll get that to in a minute.

Colin Kaepernick's ad, yeah ok, I get it. To call someone a hero, they should be one. But did we really have to blow up the internet about it or burn Nike gear? This didn't affect you, we all went about our business.

Let me get to the point, when we start picking at everything, both sides, we start to chisel away at each other. The thing that should matter is human kindness and that is lacking.

Who cares about who wore what better, who cares that the Kardashians are in the news, again. Who cares what you got at the coffee shop, who cares if that asshole cut me off. SO WHAT. Are you starting to see the pattern? Please say yes.

People said Maroon 5 played is safe. I disagree. When it's just a performance, everyone can enjoy it. If you didn't, you are a part of the problem. Even Colin's lawyer is a part of the problem and not making it better for his client. When we put others down, we aren't helping.

Gladys Knight sang the anthem beautifully. Maroon 5 gave a great show. People cheered for their teams. The train was on time. People paid attention to the road. Peace.

When someone wants to put me down, I should say SO WHAT. It's like Tinder, you don't like what I post or talk about, swipe left.

We have all forgotten human kindness. We want to shout from the streets about fairness and equality, but we're only thinking about ourselves, we aren't thinking about how what we are doing affects other people.

Let that sink in. We suck. We want to talk about something, and not in a good way, time to change that.

HUMAN KINDNESS. Talk about that. Start looking for the positives in the world. Do that and maybe as a whole we can start to turn things around. Adam Levine says he was touched by some of the words on the lanterns, and actually gave a shout out to the doubters. That's being classy and kind.

I mean, Maroon 5 donated some of their Super Bowl pay to charity, talk about that. That is human kindness.

Change the world one conversation at a time.

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