Get your motor running

Head out on the highway!!! Looking for......You get the point. But that brings me to the topic of the day. Motorcycles!

Yes motorcycles.

And the men that ride them. And the MC romance novels. Ever since I read the first book in the Lost Kings series I have been hooked on MC romance. The thrill, the excitement, the over protective alpha male, usually with a beard.

What's not to love?

I have read all different authors and have fallen in love with every single one. Today I want to talk about Devils Disciples by Scott Hildreth. Oh, yeah! There's Baker and Goose who are smooth, Cash who I want to slap sometimes, Ghost almost killed me.

And coming soon, Reno.

I am excited about Reno. I want to know more about him, what makes him tick. I hope that you will add this book to your Goodreads and join us on release day. Reno is coming and I think some panties will melt.

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