It's beginning to look a lot like Valentine's Day

The day after Christmas the stores looked like Valentine's Day exploded. Maybe in some areas the day before Christmas. I wish the holidays would let each other have their days.

With that being said, I hope that everyone had a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

I've been absent due to trying to figure out life. I know that's the question of the century. I graduated from UNLV and have been spending every waking moment submitting applications. It's frustrating because as fast as I'm hitting submit, I'm getting rejected. I'm not in a panic, yet.

I'm also torn. I feel like where ever I choose, I'll be letting someone down. I feel like different people in my life want me to go different places and if I don't they will be upset for me.

But I'm going to tell you what I finally told myself: if they care, they will be happy for you.

You choose your path and if someone doesn't think it's the right one, then cut them out for a bit. Don't let others choose your destiny.

And job hunting sucks, but something will come along at the right time and it will be the right fit.

And never stop dreaming.

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