Take a little time

Life isn't always a straight path. It's full of curves, and dips, turns, and uphills. And there will be bumps in the road.

Especially on your road to love.

But once you have it, you know. There is no real science to love. It's a feeling you get. Your head and heart are on the same side, so to speak.

Relationships are work, but with your person, it's not always hard. Remember the key thing is to communicate. If you're mad, say that. If you're upset, say that. Talk to each other, every day. Even if it's about stupid things, like the traffic to work, or the price of milk. Tony Robbins makes some good points, it's not just small talk, though that is important, it's about meeting your partner's needs with verbal and physical communication.

He also says written communication. I love this. Leaving little love notes for your partner can bring a smile to their face. See, it's the little things.

Go on dates. Even with kids. Take that time, hire a babysitter and paint the town red. Why?

Because that's what keeps the spark alive.

It's not just dates, do something once a day to show the person you're thinking about him. I was in a relationship with a guy who played basketball, and loved the Jayhawks. I would get him a new magazine with an article about Kansas, or I would make him a trinket that had to do something with basketball. The relationship didn't last because I went into the military, but during it, I showed him that I listened.

Love is beautiful. I always smile when I see older couples still holding hands. Goals, I swear. But you can't rely on your partner to do all the work. Relationships can't be one-sided.

So get out there, and date your partner, again. Go to a cooking class, or go for a picnic in the park. Click this for cute tips.

Be creative, be thoughtful. And remember love is always beautiful.

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