Wake me up when it’s all over

Avicii. RIP. Only the good die young. His song resonates across continents. Listen to it. Love is a prize. And that my friends will be another lesson. Today is for something else.

I’m an author. Can I call myself that? I do have a published book. I’m working on the second. I do it because it relaxes me, not for a living. But there are authors out there that do write for a living and it’s being ripped from them because of one person.

This is not meant to be mean. I’m not bullying. But I have to let this out.

There is a woman in the author world who is going after people for using a certain word.

That word is cocky. She has trademarked it. Not sure how that got past the desk of the person that allowed that.

What this woman is doing is ridiculous. It’s callous. It’s rude. And she is only thinking of herself. She is taking away from other authors because she wanted to trademark a word.

Maybe we need a history lesson. The word was first recorded in 1540. So, is she going to go back in time and make every person in the world pay for using it? It’s been around for hundreds of years. It’s a description, and it is in the dictionary. So, is she going to go after the dictionary for printing it, as it is a description?

As a low-level author it makes me scared to even write. She’s taking everyone on and getting a way with it. And she hasn’t once stopped to think of others.


We use that word a lot. I did this. I did that. Stop using the word I. There are over 7 billion people in the world. Think of someone other than yourself. Put yourself in the other people’s shoes. Some of these authors, this is their living.

Maybe she has her reasons. We don’t know what they are for sure. It just saddens me that I’m seeing authors I adore losing out because of one woman.

There is already too much craziness in the world, too much drama. It needs to stop.

And stop using the word I.

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