Click your heels to find your way home

The story goes: a house fell on a witch and a girl took the silver slippers, yes silver, not red. And the evil witch wanted them back and the girl killed her and eventually was able to go home. The other story is: that the girl and the green witch were sisters at one point and separated.

Either way, the moral is home is where your heart is. When Dorothy was back in Kansas, she was glad to see everyone and missed them.

I miss home, and I only live an hour away. I miss my dog, and sometimes my Dad. And every time I pull away from his house I want to run back in and never leave. I think my cats like it better there, than in my apartment. But whatever.

Home is where you put your roots and I don't mean where you live, I mean where you put your heart. Friends, family, pets that's where your heart is and that's where it lies.

Sometimes it's hard, sometimes you fight, sometimes you lose, or you win, but family, and not just blood, will always be there for you.

At the times when you feel like a house was dropped on you, always remember that there is someone that will help you. There are Dorothys in the world that will throw water on you to melt you, and then there are the scarecrows, lions, and tin

mans out there to show you the way.

Don't give up. There's always somewhere over the rainbow and no place like home.

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