Imagine all the people

My blog is about my life, really my love life or lack thereof, but since it is my blog I want to shed some light.

Have you ever listened to the words of Imagine? It says it all.

We live in world in turmoil. War, poverty, strife, and all of in our back yards. It cracks the very foundation of what we stand for and I’m not talking about America.

All over the world there is resistance. It feeds the very core of those wanting change or not wanting change. But I’d like to think that change is good in some ways.

A person runs for office when they want to see change, when they see something wrong and want to fix it. We resist change when we don’t think that change benefits us.

To know where we are going we have to see where we’ve been. I mean really see. If the South won the war, what would that mean for America? If the Germans won the war, what would that have meant for the world? If we never dropped the bomb, what would that mean?

Has anyone ever stopped and thought about that? Probably not, we only see what we see now, and only read about the victories in the history books.

Change is hope. Change is life. Our lives change every day. The world around us changes with life, death, birth, a flower blooming, or a tornado. Not all of it is good, but it makes us see the light in a very dark existence.

The Olympics bring together athletes from all over the world. They put aside fears, hate, and misconceptions and embrace the world for all to see. Someone from Pakistan can swim, ski, skate next to someone from Israel and shake hands afterwards. Someone from Germany can embrace someone from Japan. And in this time of change, war, strife, Korea can come together and march as one country. That says it all.

Maybe it’s time we take a page from that book and start to build bridges instead of burn them.

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