I wanna be your end game

I wanna be your first string. Do you see the pattern? Nobody wants to be second best, sloppy seconds so to speak. I have to admit, Taylor's new stuff is the bomb! Is that how the kids are saying it these days? Not sure, just trying to stay hip. LOL

In some cases, it’s inevitable. Meaning there will always be an ex. Ex-girlfriend, ex-wife, ex-boyfriend, ex-wife. Once you start a new relationship, leave that at the door, all of you. Comparing yourself to his or her past won't get you anywhere, and will only lead to despair.

I was told last night that I’m a little short when I answer guys. I’ve said it before, I probably am. Online dating sucks, and it’s hard to see emotions.

My friend’s suggestion, get the number right away and face time. My suggestion is safety first. I understand where my friend is coming from, so skype them.

Miscommunication leads to hurt feelings. And someone can slip through your fingers.

I’m cautious, comes with the territory. I’m not bitter, just being realistic.

But take my friend’s advice, face to face talking before meeting can eliminate so many problems.

Sometimes we have to live a little to live.

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