I like a man with a tan and a twisted chrome kickstand

I would love to be a biker chick.

The crowd goes wild, double posting. In the voice of Rock from one of my favorite series, “simmer down.”

We’ve talked about how life is not a fairy tale. It still isn’t, please don’t get excited. I did not find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, which would be nice if it was real. I could use the extra income. I did not find the frog that turns into the prince, and I didn’t lose my glass slipper.

I found two series that I love and literally have read and reread several times. And will continue to do so. In fact, in one of the romance series, book 10 is coming out and I’m freaking out!!!!

We all love to root for the outlaw. Well I do, at least.

Autumn Jones Lake’s The Lost Kings series is full of love, laughter, hot sex scenes, and the bad guy wins. You’ll understand. You have to read it. You will fall in love with Z, Rock, Wrath, Teller, Murphy, Sparky. And the females hold their own. It’s a must read. Can’t wait for After Burn.

The other series is by Jamie Begley. The Last Riders. Former Military men, who ride hard and play harder and the sweet women they fall for. Lily and Shade in book 6 epilogue 3 is true love, what you want to find in love. Relationship goals, I promise you. Lucky proves that we all have demons and it takes a strong woman to keep them at bay. All of these men prove that even an outlaw can find love in the most unusual places. And that they take care of their own. I absolutely love the series. And I’m waiting on Rider to get his own book and find his love.

Why do I love books? It’s like music. For a brief moment in time, you can get lost. You let your imagination take over and all your cares are left behind.

I’ve mentioned it before: sometimes it’s good to get lost.

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