I always feel like somebody’s watching me

With Hollywood imploding, and soon we'll be watching squirrels on the big screen, I thought I would talk about what’s right and wrong.

I’m sure that most reading this are adults, and should know what right and wrong is, but in case that some of you need any help, here we go.

I don’t know why I’m writing this. It’s wrong to touch someone if they don’t give you the green-light. I don’t know how this slips people’s minds, but somehow it does. I think it starts with home training.

Who is teaching guys and some girls, that’s it’s ok to lay their hands on someone without consent? Who is telling guys it’s ok to talk about masturbation, three lines in to a text on an online dating site? And on top of it, the ones that do that, have kids. How would you like it if someone texted your daughter about masturbation or sex, telling her she has nice tits? If you are a good dad or mom, you would be pissed.

And if you would get pissed about someone saying that to your daughter, why is it ok for you to do it?

Home training.

That being said, it also comes down to safety. Don’t meet a girl in a secluded park. I talked about that before. Guys, please be aware of that. You always meet somewhere that is in public with people around. Ladies, if you feel uncomfortable, call someone or ask a waiter to walk you to your car. Know your shots. Talked about those in an earlier post.

Also, you don’t owe anything to someone who asks you out on a date. You can say no. And they should respect that.

Most assaults on a university campus are late at night. I have night classes and whenever I leave class, I will call someone. If I’m on the phone, I’m less likely to be a target.

I was in the military, I learned combat tactics, take down measures. I also take an MMA class. And I will go down fighting if taken by surprise. I could have all the training in the world, but if I was taken by surprise, I’m done for.

That’s why I suggest calling someone. Carry pepper spray. Or walk with a classmate.

There are many ways to try to be safe and sometimes it’s just not our day. But all you can do is try not to make yourself a target.

The biggest takeaways, don’t meet people alone or in a secluded area, try not to walk alone, but if you have to call someone.

There are bad people out there, I just hope that you aren’t a victim. And if you are the one asking to see a girl's tits and you don't know here, reevaluate yourself.

Yeah, check yourself before you wreck yourself.

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