Stupid Girl

Song has nothing to do with the title or the post. I just really like the song. I digress now, back to regular scheduled programming.

I’m not saying all of you are stupid, but there are times when I scratch my head.

I was watching the news the other day and a story about guys getting scammed from dating sites came on.

I think we need to talk about safety, AGAIN!

This goes for both sexes.

Safety, safety, safety. Repeat after me.

Don’t put yourself in situations that could possibly lead to something dangerous.

Anyone can make a dating profile. And some do it, just to scam you or show up to rob you.

Meet in public places. Don’t meet in secluded parks, or alleys. Common sense, people!

If you meet in secluded parks, you could be robbed or attacked. If the person suggests that, swipe left and look for someone else.

Girls, don’t meet guys in areas that there aren’t any people.

For both sexes, meet at coffee shops, bars, restaurants. There are people there and someone is less likely to harm you. Don’t walk to your car alone, ask a bouncer or one of the workers.

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel uncomfortable, leave!

Excuse yourself to use the restroom and call a friend to come and help you out. If you are at a bar, go order a drink from the bartender, ask for an angel shot and the bartender takes over.

Have 9-1-1 pre-programmed into your phone.

It takes one night, to change your life. If you don’t think about your safety, the other person isn’t, doesn’t matter how much of a gentleman they act online or how wholesome the girl seems.

Nobody is who they say they are, until you meet.

Another thing, don’t give out your personal information. They have chat functions on those apps for a reason, use it. If the person doesn’t understand that, again, swipe left.

We all want to find our happily ever after, but don’t get overly excited and not think about yourself and your safety.

There are good guys and girls out there, never give up hope. Just be safe while you are looking for your prince or princess.

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