A brief look in time

It’s time to talk history.

One day a man named Ned went to King’s landing and was at the side of the king when he died of a boar’s bite. The king named Ned the new king, but his son who really isn’t his son, wasn’t happy and killed him. Chopped off his head. And the new king had Ned’s daughter beat and almost raped and then came along a new girl and the new king liked her. So the daughter was saved when the new king was poisoned. And then there is a girl that can control dragons and she is the true heir to the throne and she has been making her way through the county conquering other cities and gaining a large army. And then there are these zombies or white walkers making their way to the wall and Ned’s son is in charge of making sure that doesn’t happen.

Oh, is this not our history? Am I way off course? Yeah, I know that's not even a good summary of GOT. I didn't even get to talk about Cersi. I digress. Yeah, ok let me get back on track.

We all come from all different walks of life. We are different colors, different religions. Our fore fathers were not of the same faith or heritage. They were trying to pave the way to freedom. The same freedom that people come to America for. People relocate here because of all that America has to offer. It's been a bumpy road. Our history is not pretty, but if we don’t study it we will make the same mistakes. Democrats and Republicans were once the same party. We all want what’s best for America, but we as a people need to get our shit together and come together as one.

Why does it take an event to show that we all can root for the same team? An eclipse, a fight?

The fight of the century was watched world wide and everyone who watched it were all different. And yet, there was little talk of hate, little talk of Russia or emails.

People who believe in different things, different religions, voted for Trump, voted for Hilary stood together to watch McGregor and Mayweather fight.

So again, why does it have to be an event that brings us together? Why can’t this be an everyday occurrence. Can someone explain this to me?

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