Proceed with Caution

Angry rant coming. Yes, I know I’ve been offline for awhile. I’ve been on vacation. Side note: Alaska is beautiful. And cruises are relaxing. I saw whales and eagles. And relaxed in the spa. Side note over.

What percentage of the population are veterans? 1%? 3%? That part doesn’t matter, what matters is how we conduct ourselves. There is a small part of that percentage using veteran status to take advantage of people.

I get it, I signed on the dotted line as well, but I don’t go throwing that in everyone’s faces. There are veterans that cry and whine and act like they should be served everything to them on a silver platter. “I deserve that.”

You don’t. If you need it or want it, it’s called hard work. Even if you are 100% disabled, there are ways to work from home or save for things. Some are using their combat experience to use people. And some are liars.

But even with all of that, they are our brothers and sisters and we love them anyways. There is too much hate in the world and when we turn our backs, we create problems, not solve them.

I’m on a thread and left it for a while. But when I came back there was a new guy on this thread and everything out of his mouth was negative. Name dropping to make yourself feel like you are better than others or putting others down. If this is how we are going to act, I want no part of it.

Hate is a strong word and it’s everywhere today. I’m not saying we should come together and sing campfire songs, but maybe we need some history lessons.

The United States was founded that all men were created equal, and women. People of all races, creeds, colors, and sex come to America because of the freedoms we have. The fore fathers made this the place of dreams and hard work. You can buy bread from the Lithuanian man and cross the street to buy Jamaican food from a Chinese man, because that’s his dream. You can walk down the street and say hello to a Muslim family and buy candy from a German family. That’s their dream, and they made it happen. You have a dream, instead of rioting about it, go make it happen.

I've said before, sports. You can sit next to an African American, a democrat, a Muslim, a Republican, an Atheist and all root for the same team. As Veterans we should root for each other not put each other down. As Americans we should root for each other. America is one team.

Dreams can become reality. The world is your oyster, but fighting about who is right and who is wrong is out of control. It just divides us more.

One nation, under God. It's time we remembered that.

Here's another video for you. All that Remains has Veterans in the band.

So America.

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