Beware of sheep in wolves’ clothing

I know that is not how you all know the saying, but in the words of Kevin Hart, “Let me explain…

By the way if you haven't see his special with the same title, you are being deprived of some great comedy. Stop living in a hole and liven up a little bit.

Sorry, right, back to the topic, sheep in wolves' clothing.

The saying was made to warn others to look for those that were not who they said they were. Illusion. Obstruction. Lying. Deceitful. You get the picture.

Why am I saying this? Sheep tend to be nice, kind, loving, animals. Yes, we use them for wool and food, but the concept is what I’m aiming towards.

Sheep are the people you need to look out for. It’s the quiet ones, the loyal ones, the faithful ones that tend to be the biggest cons of all.

Let me explain…

I hate asking for help. Most people do. I don’t like asking my friends for help, but when I do it’s for networking. No, I'm not using them. If they think that then I'm sorry. Veterans know a lot of people and it doesn’t hurt to network every once in a while. Even if you’re not a Veteran, it doesn’t hurt to network. Sometimes you come across a really great opportunity.

I have asked a couple of my friends, people that I thought would be there for me, for help. One of these friends was talking about how a man in California will help Veterans find jobs making really good money. I am in search of job and asked my friend countless times for this man’s contact info and he always puts me off. I’m beginning to think that this man doesn’t exist.

This is the same Veteran that I was on the phone crying with when I was hit with some hard stuff and after that I never heard from him again, at least not on a personal level. I have to be nice to him since he’s a co-host on a Veteran radio show I do. I even helped him out by preaching about his organization to people I know in Las Vegas. But he can’t return the favor. I don’t know what pleasure he gets from it, but I’m tired. I’m too old to play games. Well, maybe not too old to slip some money into a slot machine every once in a while, but too old to play stupid games. And I might play Cards against Humanity or Apples to Apples, even some monopoly. Ok, yeah off track. You know what games I mean. Just too old.

The other friend I asked for help said he would and when I asked him if he contacted his friends he said yes and then never elaborated. Maybe he doesn’t want me to leave. I don’t know. It’s just aggravating to think that either of them care, when I feel they don’t. But that’s me and I don’t know their side of why they blow me off. I promise that I won’t ask for their help anymore. I’m doing things my way from now on.

I’m a kind and caring person and will go out of my way for people. That’s a blessing and a curse. I want to see the good in people, but sometimes the wool is pulled over my face. Ha, get it, wool over my face, sheep in wolves’ clothing. Sorry, had to crack myself up there. Right, back to the subject.

Beware of those around you. Do things for yourself. I know that’s hard sometimes because it’s nice when you have people you can count on. But in the end, you only have yourself, no matter how true someone comes across as being.

I’m not saying everyone you meet is a liar, or is being deceitful. But just beware of not only the wolves, but the sheep. What’s the other saying? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer? Now, that seems a better fit. Fight your own fights. Never give up. And always remember.

Don't worry peeps, next post will be more upbeat. Until then keep your head on a swivel.

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