Roller Coaster of a ride

Yeah, I know it’s been awhile. Life happens sometimes. As Days Of Our Lives says: like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. I hate change and yet, I find that happening a lot. Change. Terrifying word for me. I’ve talked about seeing a doctor and talking about my issues and now that doctor is leaving and I have to get a new one. I’m having anxiety attacks just thinking about Friday, when I meet my new one. That’s the thing about the VA, though, is doctors are always coming and going and sometimes it’s good and other times it’s not.

For Veterans, we shouldn’t have to have a new doctor every year, whether it’s for mental health or not. Once a new one comes in, we have to go over all our history all over again. It’s certainly not fair to us. No offense, civilians, but at least you get to go to the same doctor for years. But back to change.

I hate change. It terrifies me. I hate the first week of each semester because it’s new and it’s a, yep you guessed it, change. I hate that now I have to “change” because now I need a job. Maybe that’s why I’m so bad at relationships. Don’t worry I’m working on that. No new guys though, even though I’m waiting on the next douchebag so I can talk about him.

Sometimes change is good, yes, I just contradicted myself. Think of it like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Just take my advice, even when I can’t take my own. LOL. A caterpillar turns into something beautiful. Sometimes change does that. Your life changes when you meet a guy, but that could lead to a beautiful life together. Then that life changes when you have kids. By the way, I am a great babysitter and do it for free. I digress.

Change is evident in life. The world changes on a daily basis. We should sometimes change with it. As the military says, “adapt and overcome.” If I can do it, which I’m working on, you can, too. Think of it as a wild ride and hold on. Think of it as you’re the butterfly and fly. Or you’re the phoenix rising from the ashes, to be reborn.

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