Good News, people!!!!!

If you said that as Professor Farnsworth, then you get a gold star. If you didn’t that’s ok, too. Anyways. Good things come to those who wait. And road maps help us to get where we are going.

This week has been a shit week for me. Trying to figure out where I need to go in life and finding out that even though some things are accepted, they hold you back as well.

I tried to go back into the Army and my soul was crushed for the second time when I was told no. I don’t like the word no. But rules are rules and my tattoos need not apply.

I tried to talk to the Navy and my disability is what shut the door in my face. Oh well, it wasn’t meant to be. I wouldn't trade my time in for anything. I loved the service and my brothers and sisters. But this time around it wasn't in the cards.

Sometimes we are told “no” or “you can’t.” And yes, it sucks. But this is the window I was telling you about. One door closes and a window, a hanger, a door opens. Sometimes our road maps take us down paths that we least expect, to destinations unknown and maybe you don’t reach your goal, maybe you do. Sometimes you find something along the way to your destination that works even better.

Life is a roller coaster, it’s a wave, it’s hills and mountains. Your road map might seem flat, but things will get in the way. You will be tested. You will be frustrated, believe me, I was. But when you stay the course, talk to loved ones and friends, and stay on your course, you will find your way, your nirvana, your perfect job, relationship, your Neverland.

Second star to the right, and straight on till morning, my lovelies.

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