Choose your own adventure

What do you do when one door closes? Is there a window? Another door? A hallway? Where is that damn instruction manual?


For Veterans that’s a scary word. Some of us spend years in the military and once we are out, we have no idea which way is up. People try to tell us which path to take or which door to pull, but is that what we need? Some find jobs helping other veterans or find work on base, but is that the right path?

I went from having my life planned out every minute, including what to wear to nothing. I was lost in the sauce. We all have been there.

I went from this:

To this:

But it’s not just veterans go through this. Every day people, teachers, police officers, CEOs, athletes, and others go through this as well.

When you have been in a job for a majority of your life and then it’s over, what do you do? It’s hard to just move on when your life revolved around your job or sport. Do you cut ties or do you help others in their transition? Do you crawl into a ball and retreat? We all miss what we once had and it's hard to pull away.

I get it, it’s scary. The unknown is always scary. But before you became a star in your profession, you had dreams. Chase them. You want to help others? Do it! You want to ride the roller coaster of life? Hop on. Everyone is welcome.

Do what makes you happy. That’s hard to take in. But you had a purpose when you were in the military, on the street, catching criminals, on the field, on the court. Doesn’t mean you can’t find that purpose, again. Your life doesn’t end when you retire or just get out, you still have a life to live. Join a club, or gym, find a hobby, go to school. There are numerous organizations out there with numerous resources to help.

I truly believe when one door closes, a window, a door, a path opens. You won’t transition forever. Take a breather, relax, and when you are ready, put your hair up, put on some gangsta rap, and handle it. Or whatever floats your boat.

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