Calgon take me away

You remember those commercials? What is more relaxing than a bath? I love to take baths, and just slip away for a moment. You know what else takes me away? Reading.

I love to read. I have tons of books, everything from romance to mob history. I think I have told you all about my unhealthy obsession with the mob. Omerta. I pledge my


Doesn't he just scream mafia? I think so. Dangerous and sexy. Sorry not sorry.

Anyways. I can get lost in a book. During the semesters I in college, I don’t have time to read, but on breaks I read nonstop.

Reading can carry you to faraway places. In those moments I read I’m transported to medieval England where knights are fighting for the love of a lady, where there is a ball every night and love lives in the end. I’m transported to a world of mobsters, where there is danger and intrigue, where the girl gets kidnapped and learns to love her kidnapper. Stockholm syndrome, but the way it’s written is beautiful. Lands where robots are what the world relies on and the Hunger Games are real. Tick Tock. Where girls can be whoever they want to be and men can act like gentleman. Where the girl who reads a lot of books becomes a princess in the end and the girl who lost her shoe finds her prince. Where the guy fights for the girl and protects her at all costs.

I read a series of short stories on Wattpad (an app that has many short stories written by regular people), and one of them had the sweetest marriage proposal. Even if their relationship started off so horrible, he knew her and he won her heart in the end. I bawled forever.

In that moment, I’m lost in the story, I forget about everything else in my life. I forget about the loss of my mom, my life problems, whether the cat is sick or not, I forget about having hardly any friend, I forget that I’m fat and plain and that no guy wants me except to use me. I am in that moment, nothing else matters.

And when it’s over, I am back in my reality. Where rainbows do not have a pot of gold and Dorothy doesn't get the ruby shoes, which are actually silver in the book.

I try to start another story right away, just to forget. But we can’t always run from our problems. Sometimes we have to face them. I have learned that the hard way. I would love to find a love like Isaias or Ruxin (these are characters), even a love like Tris and Four. But like is not a fairy tale, nor does it always have a happy ending. And even though I try to forget, I’m still ok with myself. Someday I will find someone that embraces me for me, nerdiness and all. Try reading, I promise you that you will experience things you have never experienced. You will find your imagination. And for me I just want to forget for a little more so until my Gio comes along or Ben or Salvador, Calgon take me away!

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