What do you see? Seconda Parte

Part two in Italian. Italian is such a pretty language. I mean I would love for a hot, tattooed, dark and dreamy Italian man to whisper sweet nothings in my ear…….wait, wait, this is not what I’m talking about today, but we will address this later. I mean he could swirl his spaghetti and feed me if he wanted to. UGH, ok, getting off topic……….

Just hang on, I will tell you why this is a second part. So, hold on.

Every girl dreams of her wedding since the age of 4. When we were younger we marry off our barbies to GI Joe or Bumblebee. Even I dream of walking down the aisle. I’m not looking for that, well I am but I’m being practical. I have mentioned in other posts about the different guys I have come across. I know I have blown it off as humor, and some of them I do laugh at. I am going to tell you what I want and why this has to do with me being a veteran.

We all have a certain type of guy we are attracted to. I am no different. Dating at 40 is difficult and the guys in Vegas are less than desirable, at least the ones I come across. I can also spot a liar from 50 miles away. But this is what I want.

I want a guy with tattoos, yes, I love them. It’s art. It makes them look like a bad boy, even if by day they are a lawyer or something. I want a guy that has some depth to him. Dark, yet kind. Someone who has intensity, where I can read emotions in his eyes. Who tells me I’m beautiful and means it. Someone who can handle me. I am not an easy person, sometimes. I am a spitfire, a small piece of dynamite that when it explodes it packs a punch. And when I say I can get mad, I get mad. I can say things that would make Tony Montana blush. It shows I'm passionate in and out of the house. Do I need to elaborate on that? If I do send me a message. I want a guy who could calm me with just his touch or a whisper. A guy who will fight me, with me, and for me. Someone who wants to go out and do things-IN PUBLIC. Who pushes me to be better and in turn I do the same. Who will love me, flaws and all, and I will do the same. Someone who likes to take pictures, I love photography. Who can make me go week in the knees with his kiss. Who would come up with the cutest proposal, and ask my Dad first. Someone who will hold me when I cry and make me laugh when I’m down. Someone who would go to me to the VA, just because they support me. Someone who I could reciprocate all that I had said to. I know this is a lot to ask. But in my world, no one has come close.

The guys that message me on dating apps or the ones I meet in passing only want one thing. I’m not a prude, but I’m not a whore. If I had a dime for every time a guy asked me for a picture of my boobs or told me I was pretty, just to sleep with me, I would be living next to Kim Kardashian in Beverly Hills. Funny fact, if you try to spell her last name, it will come up lard ass. I think she is pretty, just self centered a little. In all honesty, I like Khloe better. But anyways... I should start charging. Just kidding.

What does all of this have to do with me being a veteran? I’m glad you asked. Ask any civilian what they see when they hear the word veteran. As in the other post, they think suicide, angry, and so on, we have heard it all before. Doesn’t change when I say I’m a veteran to a potential date, with some exceptions. These guys see me as too manly, or a lesbian, intimidating, crazy, not a girly-girl, on top of all the other things we hear every day about ourselves. I am an independent woman, yes, I don’t need a man, but it would be nice.

Off subject, but remember those days? The ones where you had to shine your boots and starch your uniform. Oh them were the good ol'days.

Veteran is not my label, it’s my pride. When I look in the mirror, I just see a woman trying to find her place. Someone who wakes up on the same side as everyone else, puts her jeans on just like everyone else. I hope that some of you will read this and pass it on to your civilian family and friends. We are not what people think we are. I want guys to know I’m not what they think I am when I say veteran. Education is key to getting people to understand what we stand for. That despite all of what we have done or seen, we are people who are just trying to get by like everyone else. We are proud of our service and love our brothers and sisters. I’m a veteran, I served, and I’m proud of that. If that is what keeps me from dating, then so be it. I would never change who I am. I will and always will be a veteran.

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