Big Girls Don’t Cry

The hell we don’t. Sometimes a good cry is all you need to get over a heartbreak. Sometimes things don’t work out and feelings get crushed. It happens. It happens to the best of us. The question is how do you get over a break up?

For me it is a good cry, maybe scream, throw things. Just have a down right temper tantrum. When I feel social after that, it is my friends (if I had any) taking me for a drink to clear my head. Ha! Alcohol doesn’t clear your head but it dulls the pain.

I was stood up on a date recently. I still had ice cream at the place we were supposed to meet up at. And then right after I went and got a daith piercing. I’ve been told they help with migraines. I’ll let you know. But I decided to punish myself with pain, instead of acting out. To my surprise, it didn’t hurt as much.

I tend to bring myself down. It was probably my fault. I sabotage. Hurt them before they hurt me. And then I’m on a one-way ticket to crazy town, mayor me. I dig myself a hole and try to bring everyone down with me. It’s something I have been working on.

Getting over the heartache could mean watching romance movies with a tub of ice cream. Or sitting in the dark listening to sappy love songs or break up songs. Maybe it’s going to the range and letting off steam. Punch a bag, plot revenge (but don’t go through with it), cry, scream, pout, get a tattoo or piercing. Buy a new puppy. But never, let them see you suffer.

It doesn’t matter who was at fault. She is a nag. He is lazy. She hates sports. He lost his job. Doesn’t matter what led to the break-up. Get it together. Some people break up with people to make them suffer, it brings them happiness. Hold your head high. Show them that you don’t need them to live your life.

You take it one step at a time. One foot in front of the other. I know it hurts. And it will for a while. Your heart might be broken, but it can be put back together. Ernest Hemingway once said we are all a little broken, but that’s how light gets in. You might feel lost, but you will be found. It’s always darkest before dawn.

I have had my heart broken plenty of times. Each time was a lesson. Maybe it’s why I’m so standoffish. I’m afraid of getting hurt. You will feel like that, too. Let me assure you things will get better. Don’t let fear stop you from mending your broken heart. Don’t let fear paralyze your right to love and be loved.

A wise woman once said, “The only thing you have to fear is fear itself.” That woman was Eleanor Roosevelt. And she is right. Fear has two meanings:

Face Everything and Rise or Forget Everything and Run.

Love is a deep feeling and I truly believe there is someone out there for everyone. Don’t give up. Don’t get discouraged. Love will happen. It will happen when it’s the right time for you.

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