Wear a PT Belt

In the words of all my NCOs (Non-Commissioned Officers), safety first. For those that do not speak Army, a PT belt is something we wear during physical fitness. It a reflective belt. It makes you invincible. Not really, but veterans will tell you that.

You have been talking to a guy or girl and now you want to meet. YAY!!!!!!!! Now to pick a place to go and what to wear.

Think of this as an episode of What Not to Wear. You do not want to wear something that makes you look like you are walking the streets. Guys, do not wear sagging pants, nobody likes that. EWWW, GROSS! Pull your pants up. I’m not a democrat, but even President Obama said that. Listen to him, he was President. Ladies, a nice pair of jeans, nice shirt, sandals are good for a first date. Guys, jeans, a nice shirt, and guy shoes. Never give a vibe that you are trying too hard either. I know that the attire will be dictated by the date, but with the first date, it should be simple. Respect yourself. The first date should always be some place you can talk and get to know each other.

Keep it public. The more people the merrier. Why? Online dating is never perfect. The person you talked to, might be different in person. If something triggers you with the feeling of running, or if an altercation ensues, people will step in. Also, if you are at a restaurant or you did not take my advice and went to a bar, keep angel shot in the back of your mind. Know what they mean, just in case. Also, have your phone programmed with a trusted friend on speed dial.

Even if everything goes well, but you are still not sure, do not walk to your car by yourself. Text a friend. That goes for guys as well. I have met some pretty crazy females before. One girl followed a guy around, everywhere he went, even to the doctor office. Creepy!!! They are out there, my friends, keep it safe.

And there is no three-day rule to text after a date. That is a myth made up by people. At least text him or her that you made it home and that you enjoyed the date. If you did not have a good time, at least thank them. If it is not meant to be, have the balls to say something. Do not just ghost with no explanation. Some of you need to grow up. It was only a first date, there are no feelings involved, so tell them that they are not what you are looking for. They have the right to know, at least.

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