Never Go out to a Bar

I will probably repeat this throughout the blog, never go hunting for a guy at a bar. You may be wondering: where else am I supposed find one, then? When you go to a bar with your girls, and you spot that hot guy with the awesome abs across the room, let’s be honest, he has beer goggles on. He is already drunk, maybe on a rebound, and he is just looking to score. He will lie and tell you he’s not. He will sweet talk you into going home with him and then he will never call you after that.

There are many ways to meet a guy. The big thing is, and I know it sounds cliché, but it will happen when you least expect it. No matter what, leave alcohol out of the equation. Go to concerts, usually you will meet someone that has a similar taste in music.

Yes, The Backstreet Boys!!!!!!! I know not many guys like them, just using this as a visual. You're welcome!

Festivals are a fun place to meet a guy or at least a good first date. See a sports game, guys love sports, and they love girls who love them. Not saying that you won’t find love if you don’t watch sports, just throwing out some ideas. Go to poetry night or a book reading. Even just going to the movies will suffice. Common interests can spark a reaction and a relationship.

Join a dating site. Yes, a dating site. I know it may seem unconventional, but I know at least 5 couples who met on a dating site and are now happily married.

Here is a list of a few sites:


Okcupid asks questions and tries to match you with people of the same interest.

Plenty of Fish

POF allows you see who is nearby.


Swipe right or left based on your preference. Doesn’t always give you options in your city.

Eharmony you pay to see and respond to your matches

Seeking Arrangement

This is what one calls a sugar daddy website. If you are 5’2 and 100 pounds, pretty, these men want you.

These are a few. If I missed some, let me know. Try them out, you never know. Just please stay away from finding guys in smoky bars or night clubs. Go to those for karaoke or girl’s night out. And if you have tried these, what are your experiences? My experiences have not been that great, some comical, but still not great. I had one guy keep messaging me and I kept ignoring him. He never got the picture. I finally blocked him. He then showed up to a function I was at. It didn’t end well for him. And for the guys that want to try and stalk me, I have a mean left and right hook.

Yes that is Randy. I train at his gym.

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