Check yourself, before you wreck

Before you decide to jump into life, love, or anything you need to check yourself. Some would call it get right with whoever you pray to. I am constantly checking myself. Is this right for me? Am I ready for this? In dating, it’s: what am I looking for? What kinds of guys am I looking for? Do I expect to find love?

And what is love? According to scientists, it takes between 90 seconds an 4 minutes to click with someone. Not a lot of time, if you’re going for long term.

And there are 3 phases: Lust, attraction, and attachment. Do not jump straight to attachment, no one likes a stage 3 clinger.

That is why I say you need to get right, before you jump into anything. Sure, that guy might look good, he might have sweet abs, but slow your roll, cupcake. You do not want to cause yourself pain and heartache. Yeah, you got to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. But if you slow down, it will pay off in the end. Successful relationships take time to build. Sure, that donut looks good but I need to eat a salad.

Find your zen, your inner peace. Love yourself. You have to love yourself, before anyone will love you. No one would fault you if you seek professional help to find out who you are. I see a shrink once a week. And I’m happy with finding out who I am.

You have to know yourself, so when it comes time to take that leap in the world, whether dating or life, you will know what and who you want. Don’t set expectations too high, but always remember your morals and values and what is important to you. Also never settle. But my love for now is this fellow. Isn’t he cute?

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