Life doesn't end after 40

Life is not a fairy tale. At least not mine. If it was, it would be a Grimm Fairy Tale. There are no instructions on how to live, how to love, how to just get by. I am way out of my territory. I was in the military for just shy of 17 years. I know that the military is not for everyone, but just in case you are one of the few, the proud or can be Army strong, check it out, and maybe join the brotherhood of serving your country.

When I got out, I felt like a fish out of water. It was and is terrifying. We not only have to conform to society, we have to navigate the VA, and some of us want to find love and start a family. And to top that off, I turned 40 and I am still single. No, that doesn’t make me bitter. It makes me guarded. But not closed minded. I will give a guy a chance, but I have found that men my age are either stupid, crazy, or broke. I’m crazy, but as you will see in later posts, there is a difference.

And I’m not sugar momma. I’m barely making it myself. Get a job, it’s what normal people do. And if you don’t know basic questions about the military and you claim you are, you have to go, what I mean is there are guys out there that think it’s cool to say they are military when they really aren’t.

It’s hard being a female veteran at my age, I also find that guys are either intimidated by me or they think I’m too manly for serving. I can’t take back my service, nor would I. I served my country and loved every minute of it, even the bullshit.

But where is that instructional manual? I’m still searching for it, and have come up empty. As we navigate life, we are winging it, not just veterans, but everyone. I hope that through this blog you are inspired, you are informed, and you are entertained. I hope that my ups and downs are yours. I hope that I can reach some and maybe transform lives. You might cry, you might laugh, you might realize dreams. Just remember to dream big, never give up hope, and things do have a way of working out. Dorothy once dreamed of a land over the rainbow, so can you.

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